Add Caption to Photo

Add text to pictures online

How to Add Text to Image
Step 1: Choose a photo. Pick from your computer, or import from your Dropbox or Google Drive!

Step 2: Write. Enter your text, choose font, font color and output file format!

Step 3: Save & Download. Voila! You can now upload your creation to your computer or view online!
Best Quality
Our tool is specifically designed to maintain your photo quality when you upload. Type your text in and save it exactly as it is! The file you’ll download will have the same crisp lines and smooth curves as when you’re creating it using our tool.
All Platforms is browser-based application and works excellent for all platforms, such as Mac, Windows or Linux and any latest browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, Mozilla).
Privacy & Secure
Don’t worry about your creations getting duplicated. Our tool makes sure that your data and works are kept private throughout your creation process. No one can see what you’re working on at all times. When you finish, everything you make is securely uploaded to our servers.